The products know under the names of "hoverboard" or "self-balanced scooter" are too dangerous to drive or even to keep in your home. We recommend all owners, even if a national recall is not yet issued in your country, to approach the shop to return and/or postpone the purchase of any such devices until the "CERTIFIED products" are available.


GETAG - Gyroscopic and Electrical Transport Action Group

Created in 2015, the Gyroscopic and Electrical Transport Action Group (GETAG) is comprised of body of professional engineers and experts are working to implement strict standards for GYROSCOPIC and ELECTRICAL TRANSPORT safety.

GETAG is working with legal entities around the global to facilitate standardized safety controls and enforce the application of these standard for all engineers and experts in accord with IEC and ISO standard.

This new certification will push current manufactures to bring their existing products into line with GETAG safety requirements in order to qualify for this New Global Safety Certificate, and set definitive standards as to what is required in terms of safety for all future engineers and experts.

GETAG certification will ensure user safety, will expose products which lack certification as dangerous, and will provide governments with a clear guideline as to which products should be permitted to be sold and used in their countries and cities.

Mono-personal Electrical Transport is just emerging and will be a revolution is for short-distance individual transport in the future. Every new industry needs standard and regulations for secure growth in a safe environment - GETAG is dedicated to this goal!